Paper Has More Patience Than People


Nothing gives me solace the way pen and paper do. (Figuratively, of course. Gone are the days when everything had to be scribbled out, as opposed to typed out.) Leave me in a room alone with an empty book and if you come back a week later, I’ll still be crouched over it. (Provided the pen still works, that is.)

As you’ll come to discover soon enough, I have two very contradictory writing styles. The first style is casual and effortless, where I type out every thought that comes to my head and lose all my inner censors. When I write in the second style, which you’ll see less frequently, I spend hours brooding and editing and the post will only come up when the perfectionist in me is finally satiated.

There are issues I really can’t talk to even my closest friends about- not because I’m secretive but because I know they won’t understand it the way I want them to. This is where the beauty of paper comes in. When I write, I can put all my thoughts across and not have to worry about whether the reader gets it. (Of course I’d like you to get it, reader, but I’m just saying it’s not a necessity.) If something’s constantly on my mind, I know discussing it with people repeatedly will just exhaust them. When I write though, I can talk about the same thing in a million different ways if I wish to. ‘Paper has more patience than people,’ as Anne Frank very rightly pointed out.

I know this is technically my ‘first’ post, but I’ve tried my best to not emphasise this fact, because this very post would have been the 538th post on another blog if things had worked out differently. (#mysterious Sas) Nevertheless, join me on an all new journey of self-discovery and watch in amusement as I tumble through the awkwardness that is life.

(You know what a first post feels like? In India, when you have an arranged marriage, the family of the groom will come over to see the bride and both families then decide if they should proceed with the marriage. This post is not characteristic of me- I have made an attempt to censor in order to impress you, reader. Worry not, though. Once you get engaged with this blog, I’ll let my guard down and be myself. ……I just creeped you out, didn’t I?)

(Yay I managed to get through an entire post without using a single emoji. 😀

Oh wait.


There. Now the post is complete.)


7 thoughts on “Paper Has More Patience Than People

  1. I love your first post…. and feel intrigued not creeped out! I really like your comparison to an arranged marriage too.

    Welcome to the WordPress community. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do!


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